Priority axis: Strenghten social and economic cohesion of the border area.
Key area of intervention: Promotion of co-operation in the field of R&D and innovation.
Project acronym: Catbioetametcon
Summary: The project proposal is a research of solutions for bio-ethanol and bio-methane processing into hydrogen or intermediary substances used in organic synthesis in respect to criteria for sustainable chemistry using catalysts with high catalytic activity and selectivity at low temperatures. The reaction kinetics are studied and a mechanism for the catalytic conversion of ethanol and methane will be proposed. The syntheses of catalysts are based on atomic/molecular level design concepts of solid systems like:
- oxide supported mono- and bimetallyc catalysts, where the active phases' extension and distribution are controlled at atomic level;
- heteropoly oxometalates with Keggin structure, where catalytic, redox and acidity properties are controlled by substitution of the addenda atoms and protons. The most active samples will be modified to improve their catalytic efficiency.
The scientific results are spread by organizating scientific meetings and by publication of papers. The project strenghtens the cooperation joints and the development of complementary researches.

Project's total budget: 265.978 eur
Lead Partner's budget: 136.028 eur
Project Partner's budget: 133.450 eur
Project's start date: 01.03.2011
Project's end date: 31.08.2012