9. Final seminar of the Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013 - Project HURO 0901/090/2.2.2, Szeged 28 August 2012

8. Public defence of the PhD thesis Kinetic Study of Some Heterogeneous Reaction on Catalysts of Heteropolyoxometalates Type by PhD Student Orsina VERDES Scientific Advisor: Prof. Dr. Mircea MRACEC

7. Conference in the frame of the Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013 - Project HURO 0901/090/2.2.2, Szeged 12-14 June 2012

6. Topics in Catalysis (accepted for publication)
-Hydrogenation of carbon dioxide on Rh, Au and Au-Rh bimetallic clusters supported on titanate nanotubes, nanowires and TiO2 Abstract

5. Journal of Catalysis Vol. 289, 2012
-Segregation of K and its effects on the growth, decoration, and adsorption properties of Rh nanoparticles on TiO2(110) Abstract

4. New trends and strategies in the chemistry of advanced materials, Fifth Edition, 2011:
- Study of the Ethanol Conversion Kinetics on CsxH3-xPW12O40 Catalysts Presentation
- Presentation of the project "Catalysts for bio-ethanol and bio-methane conversion" Presentation

3. XVII.International Symposium on Analytical and Enviromental Problems, Szeged, Hungary, 19 September 2011
- Program of the symposium: Program
- Reproducibility and accuracy problems of the gas-cromatographic response factors for the reaction products resulting from the catalytic bio-ethanol conversion Abstract

2. Academic Days Timisoara, 26-27 may 2011:
- Program of the symposium: Program
- Au, Rh and Au-Rh clusters supported on different titania: Au clusters
- Reforming of ethanol on alumina supported cobalt catalyst: Ethanol on cobalt
- Study of adsorption-desorption of ethanol: Adsorbtion-desorbtion ethanol
- A comparison of catalysts in the ethanol conversion: Comparison of catalysts
- DSC and TG-DTA investigations of Ag-doped heteropolyacids: DSC and TG-DTA investigations

1. Kickof Meeting in Szeged, 24-25 mar 2011:
- Travel report: Report
- Ethanol conversion on CsxH3-xPW12O40 catalysts and their microstructure: Ethanol Conversion
- Characterization and catalytic properties of Keggin type heteropolyacids: Molecular Sieves